Adam's New Tire Shine!

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Adam's NEW Tire Shine

  • Achieve A Lustrous Dark Shine 
  • Apply Liberally For The Perfect Wet Tire Look
  • Long Lasting Shine
  • Perfect For Large Tread Blocks

Adam's Tire Shine is intended to offer a lustrous deep shine on tires. This product was designed specifically for our customers that prefer a deep, rich shine or a wet tire look. 

We have tested for months to produce a product that will outlast our Super VRT and provide more shine. Adam's Tire Shine is not greasy and will not run when properly applied on tires. Our new Tire Shine works great on tires with large tread blocks because it is sprayed onto the surface during application. 

What Will It Look Like?

You can achieve two finishes with our tire shine: 

Apply our Tire Shine to a clean, dry tire and dress with an applicator for a deep, dark finish. 

Or, spray the tire liberally and let the product fully dry without using an applicator to achieve the ultra high gloss look. Note: you may want to go over the tire once with an applicator to catch any of the product that may be pooling in the tread blocks or grooves after the majority of it has dried.

How Does It Work?

First, make sure the tire is cleaned with our All Purpose Cleaner. Then simply spray the outer tread blocks with a light mist of our new Tire Shine on a dry tire. Follow this step by grabbing a Block Sponge or Hex Grip Applicator and spraying directly into the applicator. Use the applicator to apply a thin even layer across the tread block and the face of the tire. 

NOTE: This product is designed specifically for tires. If you are looking to dress trim or are more interested in a low shine tire dressing please take a look at our Super VRT. 

Watch The Video To Learn More!

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1. Robert on 7/27/2014, said:

I used several products including oil-based silicon which I loved. This shines as well as the oil-based stuff, but lasts longer and won't sling off. I love how you can control the amount of gloss. I also love the "banana" smell.. :)
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2. Biff on 6/30/2014, said:

One of the best products adam's has to offer. Just like the other guys, not greasy and won't sling.
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3. Chris on 6/22/2014, said:

You guys are going to love this new Tire Shine, you can pick your sheen just by the way that you apply, a little shine or a lot of shine its up to you. Will not sling dry to the touch and it will last longer than the famous SVRT. Treat your tires to some!
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4. Jason on 6/21/2014, said:

This is a great tire shine. You can control the level of the shine by leveling it with a hex grip tire applicator or a foam block sponge. It is dry to the touch... the product actually dries... It isn't greasy. It doesn't "sling" product like the silicone based dressings. This is a must have for those who like the shine. This is an excellent product!
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5. Peter on 6/16/2014, said:

This tire shine is an excellent product! The finish is just what I like when smoothed out with a block sponge - not dry looking but not overly glossy. I drove the car less than a half hour later and the tires were completely dry with no slinging at all, unlike other tire shines I've used in the past. I did get some overspray on the wheels but it wiped off no problem and no dirt has stuck to those places or to the tires themselves. Also, I was very impressed with how easily the product filled in the ridges in my tires.
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