Adam's Car Wash Shampoo Refill

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1 Gallon
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5 Gallon
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Adam's Car Wash Shampoo Gallon Refill

  • PH balanced to maintain your finish
  • Safe, Swirl Free Car Washing
  • Concentrated Car Wash Formula
  • 100% Biodegradable and Earth Friendly

Adam's Car Wash Shampoo will pamper your finish with its advance luxurious conditioning formula.  Just as regular oil changes keep your car’s inner workings healthy, regular exterior cleaning keeps your vehicle’s paint, trim, wheels and glass healthy and beautiful. Adam’s has the solution to your routine exterior maintenance, and it all starts with Adam’s Car Wash Shampoo!

Road grime, acid rain, pollution, insects, pollen, tar, oil and other contamination all attach to the exterior of your vehicle and begin oxidizing and etching the surface of your car. If you leave the contamination too long, it will quickly deteriorate your car’s appearance. Likewise, if you use car wash products that are too strong or inferior quality, they will also damage your car’s delicate finishes.

When used with an Adam’s Professional Wash Pad and Adam's Microfiber Drying Towel, Adam’s Car Wash Shampoo gently cleans the exterior of your car without scratching or removing your wax protection. You and your car will both love the experience, because Adam’s Car Wash Shampoo make mounds of luxurious suds, it's easy on your skin, and it smells great.

Unlike many products on the market Adam's Car Wash Shampoo is perfectly pH balanced. What does this mean to you? It won't strip your wax! This means you don't have to apply wax as often and your finish stayed protected even longer!

Worried about the environment? So are we! That’s why our car wash shampoo is 100% biodegradable and earth friendly. Plus, we made it super concentrated to reduce the carbon footprint on packaging. A pint of our product produces more car wash suds than a gallon of the leading national brands.

Safe, effective, earth friendly and economical car wash solutions, guaranteed!  That’s Adam’s.

DON’T FORGET: Regular car washing is just one important maintenance routine. Twice a year your car’s exterior needs to be thoroughly cleaned with Adam’s Detail Clay to remove bonded contamination left behind by regular washing. Adam’s Detail Clay is the smart, easy and gentle way to deep clean and smooth your car’s paint.

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1. Skyler on 6/16/2013, said:

Nice rich lather. The suds linger for a good amount of time so they have plenty of time to do their job. Smells fantastic. Leaves a great shine
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2. Joe on 5/17/2011, said:

This car soap is incredible. It is so much more concentrated than the other stuff you can get at most autocare stores. It is also a lot more gentle because its ph balanced and wont strip wax like some cheap brands of car wash.
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3. Dan on 1/11/2011, said:

I used to buy the "store brand" car soap and thought it did the job. I was so wrong. The first time I used the Adam's shampoo I was like "Whoa, that's a lot of suds". This is an outstanding product. Plus, it has a nice cherry smell.
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4. Alonso on 10/8/2010, said:

This car wash is amazing!!!. I ran out laundry detergent to wash my microfiber towels. I decided to use ADAMS CAR WASH instead. To my surprise the towels came out CLEANEST than ever before. Forget about laundry detergent, there is nothing better to remove car dirt than the BEST CAR SHAMPOO IN THE WORLD!! Just another use for this fantastic product. Buy it in Gallons if you can.
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5. Jesse on 8/30/2010, said:

I grew up in a world were car soap was car soap. But three years ago i started to use car products that were called Adams. It all started with that bottle of Detail spray and went from there. From there we went to the car soap. What can i say about the car soap it is the best by far. All the other soaps i have used were just water this stuff is actually soap and foams like no ones business. And once you get a foam gun you will be foaming everything in sight. Another thing that is beneficial is the ph neutral factor of the soap so it will not hurt the wax you have on you vehicle.
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6. Mark on 6/3/2009, said:

The best car wash soap on the market! I buy a gallon refill every 6 months or so and use it exclusively with my foam gun. Not only does it smell like cherry bubble gum, but it is pH neutral, so it doesn't dry in the sun as other brands would. I love the sudsy properties of this product. I foam my vehicles with this soap and clay bar, it's as easy as it can get. My favorite Adam's product!
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Showing comments 1-6 of 6