Adam's Super Block Dressing Applicator

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Price: $1.95 
Product Ratings: (4.67)

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Adam's VRT Super Block Dressing Applicator

  • Mess Free Application Tire & Trim Dressings
  • Washable and Reusable
  • Makes Detailing your Tires Easier
  • Cut and Customize for Tight Spaces

One of our favorite detailing tools of the trade is Adam's VRT Super Block Dressing Applicators. This large reusable sponge applies a thin, even coat of Adam's Super VRT Tire & Trim Dressing  or Adam's Leather & Interior Conditioner without the mess. Wash out the sponge with a quick spray of Adam's All Purpose Cleaner for easy cleaning. These economical sponges are new and improved with a denser, more durable foam construction.  You'll find a whole host of uses for them on your vehicles. 

Easily cut the large foam blocks to varying sizes to help you apply dressings in hard to reach areas. Use them on the exterior, interior, or anywhere a durable multipurpose dressing applicator is needed. 

Grab as many or as few as you like, at less than $2 each these versatile applicators will more than pay for themselves with each application of dressing. 

Watch Adam's Tires, Trim and Engine Bay Dressing Detailing Video

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Product Rating: (4.67)   # of Ratings: 6   (Only registered customers can rate)

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1. Drew on 2/17/2014, said:

Nice blocks that are great for spreading SVRT on bumpers and other trim. I wish they were just a little less rigid foam so they were a little easier contour to round mirrors and the like. I'll have to try the applicator for SVRT. I think somewhere inbetween the density of the Hex grip applicators and these blocks would be best for the job. but these get the job done and make it easy to achieve an even coating for the amount of product they hold.
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2. Michael on 12/18/2013, said:

very effective, can be cut up into any size/shape. a bit overpriced though imo.
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3. Michael on 6/3/2013, said:

These foam blocks work great when laying out some VRT. It allows the VRT to be spread evenly. A little VRT goes a long way with these. Using some APC to keep them clean allows them to be used longer.
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4. Joe on 5/17/2011, said:

These sponges are perfect for applying Super VRT. They hold a good amount of product so when you applying it, you are not wasting a lot because you are applying nice consistent coating. Also like said before they are big and can be cut into many different shapes and sizes to fit your need.
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5. Brandi on 8/27/2010, said:

Who would have thought that a simple block of foam could do any good? Not me, but when I gave this a try I was amazed! The block is rather large and it can be used many different ways. I kept one at original size that I use when I apply product to the wheel wells. I cut another one up in 4 equal sizes (John's right by saying a simple kitchen steak knife works) and this makes the application process for the interior much easier. You can also cut one up in triangles so as to reach the crevasse between the dash and the windshield (when using leather cleaner/conditioner). You cannot go wrong with this purchase!
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6. John on 8/10/2010, said:

These sponges are a must! They are super dense and very tear resistant. Once you apply the product to the sponge and give it a couple side to side squeezes to absorb it in, you can basically do an entire engine bay. It's like the sponge is filled up from the inside because it seems to last so long with one application. I find myself wasting much less product now, plus it is easy to grip and conform around any shape part you are detailing. I get a uniform, smooth, streak free application evertime I use it. My tips: 1) Cut the block in half (I used a simple kitchen steak knife) so you can fit into even tighter spots and also double the life of your will just save you some money to buy other Adam's products!!! 2) To clean the sponge after use, spray it with a mist or two of Adam's All Purpose Cleaner, work it into the sponge, and then hit it with a strong stream of water and squeeze out any product until the water coming out of the sponge is clear. It's that easy.
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Showing comments 1-6 of 6