Adam's Americana Mini Wax & Glaze Applicators

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Adam's Americana Mini Wax Applicators

  • Premium Quality Car Wax & Glaze Applicator
  • Ergonomically Designed for Ease of Use
  • A Great Way to Apply Any Wax, Glaze, or Sealant!
  • Use with Adam's Americana Premium Paste Wax

Adam's introduction of the Mini-Americana Paste Wax also featured a new, small applicator, and after our customers got their hands on them they wanted more! 

Adam's Americana Mini Wax Applicator applies Adam's Americana Premium Carnauba Paste Car Wax with ease.  Once you have used the Americana on several vehicles, chances are, you are in love. This incredible car wax looks spectacular and lasts a long time, but what if your new favorite wax needs a fresh applicator? We've got the solution!

If you have waxed around some sharp emblems, or caught the ultra-soft foam on an edge, it can tear. Adam's Americana Premium Wax & Glaze Applicators are not just for paste wax, our customers have let us know that these super soft, super effective applicators, make applying all kinds of wax easier than ever before. 

Contents: Two Adam's Americana Mini Wax Applicators

Watch Adam’s Glazing and Carnauba Waxing Video to Learn More!


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Product Rating: (4.80)   # of Ratings: 5   (Only registered customers can rate)

(Only registered customers can rate)

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1. Joshua on 6/20/2012, said:

You can't go wrong with the smaller Americana applicator. I find it easier to wax for the areas on my car where it fits perfectly and easier to control then the larger size. I have plenty of these around for other uses including interior applications. If you want to load up on applicators that have many uses this is what you need, a nice wash and you have a great applicator for anything you need it for.
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2. Mark on 6/17/2012, said:

I was tickled when I received this new smaller size applicator. I actually like it better then the larger size because I have small hands and arthritis and this smaller size is much easier for me to handle and use. I have not had a problem with the mini applicator slipping from my hands and dropping on the ground...a problem I have had in the past with the other applicators. Let me state, for the record, the dropping problem is all MINE and not the fault of the full size applicators, it's just as I have gotten a bit older, I sometimes find myself having a problem holding things, something I have not experienced with the mini-applicator!
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3. James on 6/14/2012, said:

I purchased a dedicated set of these to use on interiors where the large red applicator isn't practical. They are great! The recessed area is perfect to allow a good grip and keep the product on the surface instead of all over my hands. A great multi-use applicator.
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4. Jonathan on 6/13/2012, said:

The super soft foam is great, not only does it work awesome for applying wax but it also works awesome for applying conditioner to the interior! even use these to apply conditioner to my leather couch.
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5. Savpreet on 6/13/2012, said:

These applicators are great for applying the Americana wax from it's mini tub. They fit pretty nicely in your hands and are soft. Though they are not as nice to hold as the regular hex-pad's, and applying wax takes just a bit longer due to the smaller surface area, they still get the job done. They're also handy for applying other polishes, especially in the interior and all those hard to reach areas.
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