Adam's Cyclo Model 5-Pro Polisher

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Product Ratings: (5.00)

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Adam's Polishes Cyclo Model 5-Pro Machine Polisher 

  • Unique Dual 4" Head Design 
  • Lowest Vibration and Noise Level of Any Polisher
  • Cast Metal Housing and Proven Polishing Technology       
  • The Only Polisher 100% Made In The USA

The Adam's Cyclo Model 5-Pro Machine Polisher may be one of the most unusual polishing tools you've ever seen, but that doesn't mean its not going to be the best tool you've ever used. The fine folks at Cyclo have been refining and perfecting this tool for 60 years and the result is the most balanced, lowest vibration, tool in the entire detailing industry. Not only that, but its cast metal housing and high quality construction mean that its a tool that will stand the test of time. 

With 2 perfectly balanced and offset 4" polishing heads, the Cyclo Model 5-Pro makes polishing comfortable. So often we neglect to pay attention to the most valuable tool in our detailing collection - OUR HANDS! Where most polishers vibrate and leave your hands feeling tired, tingly, or just downright sore the balance and low vibration of the Cyclo will never introduce pain into your detailing reality. 

Not only do the dual 4" heads result in a low vibration polishing experience, they also make the polisher extremely versatile. Turned upright the tool polishes in a 9" wide path, covering more area per movement than any other tool on the market, but then turn the tool sideways and the contact patch shrinks to only 4". This gives you a tool capable of polishing huge panels quickly, and with a turn of your wrist the ability to polish A-pilars, tight spaces around badges, or awkward body lines on any car. 

Best of all the Cyclo Model 5-Pro is made right here in the USA, not far from the Adam's World Headquarters. In an industry where there are zero options for USA made tools anymore, the Cyclo stands alone. Not only is it one of the highest quality tools you'll ever put your hands on, but its assembled with care and we're so confident in this tool we back it with our lifetime guarantee... something no other company in the business can do.


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Adam’s Polishes Cyclo Model 5-Pro Polisher Includes:

(1) Cyclo Model 5-Pro Machine Polisher
(2) Adam's Premium 4" Backing Plates
(1) Backing Plate Wrench
(1) Complete Set of Cyclo VES balancing weights 
(1) Weight installation wrench
(1) Lifetime Warranty Offered by Adam's Polishes

*Polishes and pads sold separately. 

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1. Stuart on 1/2/2014, said:

Great polisher! Thie cyclo with Adam's 2-step polish compliments each other. It is easy to use.
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2. andrew on 8/27/2013, said:

What a versatile tool. I had my doubts about the Cyclo. Since using this tool over the past 3 months it has proven its worth in my paint correcting arsenal. It gets to those areas a Flex cannot and finishes paint really well. It's the perfect tool for maintaing that shine on your vehicle. It is well balanced and smooth to operate, also not a bad tool to look at either. The combination of the Cyclo, new Adam's Paint Correcting and Finishing Polish and microfiber pads gives it the ability to correct and finish paint like no other machine on the market. Knowing that it's backed by a lifetime guarantee and made in the USA makes using this tool much more satisfying.
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3. Thomas on 8/27/2013, said:

This polisher is SWEET! I've used the PC and while it is a great polisher, after a couple of panels, my hands were numb and tingling. I can literally work continuously on a car and my hands show no signs if fatigue at all! The vibration from the cyclo is extremely minimal. You also do not need to push down on this polisher like you do with others. And the area you're able to cover when using this polisher is so much larger. Overall, I'm so pleased I purchased this setup. Money well spent!
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4. Chris on 8/27/2013, said:

I would say my favorite thing about the Cyclo is that it doesn't vibrate the crap out of your hands or arms, I've only used it a couple of times now but it is quite the product. Used it on a swirled black Mini Cooper and the customer said it looked better than new!! What a great product!
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5. Ryan on 7/3/2013, said:

I absolutely LOVE the Cyclo M5 Pro. This polisher is much easier to use than the Porter Cable and the 8” surface area it covers with its dual 4” pads decreases polishing time. The small 4” pads make it easier to polish small areas like pillars and bumpers. The vibration reduction of this polisher alone makes it worth it. No more numb hands after a full two stage polishing – this polisher combined with Adam’s new two stage polishes and microfiber pads is a complete WIN! You cannot go wrong with this polisher!
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6. Chase on 7/3/2013, said:

I dig it! The Cyclo for me, works AMAZING in the little, long, tight areas. Ground effects, small pillars, rooflines, lower bumpers, etc. The two 4" polishing heads, get into areas, that my regular Flex 3401 won't. And because of the concentrated area, it polishes strong. I'm in love!
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Showing comments 1-6 of 6