Adam's Premium Cyclo Kit

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Price: $899.95 

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Adam's Premium Cyclo Machine Polishing Kit

  • Features Both Microfiber and Foam Pad Systems
  • Includes The Versatile Cyclo Model 5-Pro Polisher
  • Pamper Your Ride From Start To Finish
  • One Of Our Most Popular Collections of Products


Whether you are looking to start up or stock up, you will find Adam's Premium Machine Polishing Kit has absolutely everything you need to completely detail your car's exterior.  Leave no surface of your car untreated, no process to chance, get the very best for every part of your car, and results that will leave your friends jealous!

Adam's Premium Machine Polishing Kit delivers the results you want, not just for your paint, but for every surface of your car and includes the products and tools to maintain your vehicle and keep it shining year round. 

At the core of this kit is our latest machine polishing products, but that's not all. This kit includes a collection of products to carry you through the entire process of detailing from start to finish including washing, drying, paint correction, paint protection, enhancement, interior cleaning and protection. You're entire vehicle will look and feel like new, inside and out!

Restoring and caring for your paint couldn't be any easier, we've done all the research, so all you have to do is the detailing! Our proprietary color coded polishing system means there's no worrying about which product goes with which pad, just match up the colors!!

The unique and 100% American Made Cyclo Model 5-Pro Polisher is included! This dual 4" headed polishing tool gives you the smoothest operation of any tool in the polishing world today! Perfectly balanced and constructed of a cast metal housing this tool has spent 60 years being refined into the reliable polisher it is today. You'll love your Cyclo Polisher and you'll love even more that its backed with Adam's Exclusive Lifetime Warranty!

Watch The Rest of These Adam's Instructional Detailing Videos NOW! 

Kit Contents:

(1) Cyclo Model 5-Pro Polisher
(2) Adam's Orange Microfiber Cutting Pad 4"
(2) Adam's White Microfiber Finishing Pad 4"
(2) Adam’s Orange Foam Cutting Pad 4"
(2) Adam’s White Foam Finishing Pad 4"
(2) Adam’s Red Machine Glazing Pad 4”
(2) Adam’s Machine Sealant & Wax Pad 4"
(1) Adam’s Pad Cleaning & Conditioning Brush
(1) Adam’s Paint Correcting Polish 16 oz.
(1) Adam’s Paint Finishing Polish 16 oz.
(1) Adam’s Liquid Paint Sealant 16 oz.
(1) Adam’s Brilliant Glaze 16 oz.
(1) Adam’s Car Wash Shampoo 16 oz.
(1) Adam’s Detail Spray 16 oz.
(1) Adam's Total Interior Detailer 16oz. 
(2) Adam's Edgeless Utility Towels 
(2) Adam's Premium 4" Cyclo Backing Plates
(1) Adam’s Waterless Car Wash 16 oz.
(1) Adam’s Glass Cleaner 16 oz.
(1) Adam’s All Purpose Cleaner 16 oz.
(1) Adam’s Invisible Undercarriage Spray 16 oz.
(1) Adam’s Super VRT Tire & Trim Dressing 16 oz. 
(1) Adam’s Block Sponge Applicators (3)
(1)Adam’s Green Wheel Cleaner 16 oz.
(1) Adam’s Americana Paste Wax 6.9 oz Net WT
(1) Adam’s Detailing Clay Bar 200 Grams
(4) Adam’s Double Soft Microfiber Towels  
(2) Adam’s Great White Microfiber Drying Towels 
(2) Adam’s Microfiber Glass Cleaning Towel
(2) Adam’s Waterless Wash Microfiber Waffle Towels 
(1) Adam’s Jumbo Professional Wash Pad 11" X 11"
(2) Adam’s Grit Guard Car Wash Buckets

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