The world of enthusiast detailing has become one full of options and choices. Its truly a great time to be a shine nut! But when it comes to choosing where to buy your polisher where do you turn? Most tools are sold at multiple websites and stores and while you might find a great deal one place or another do you always get what you pay for? 

At Adam's we understand that investing in your detailing collection is not something to take lightly. You will be spending your hard earned money to care for your vehicle, which likely also cost you a good amount of your paycheck. 

Thats why Adam's backs all tools purchased through us with a LIFETIME WARRANTY against manufacture defects. Nothing can be more frustrating than investing hundreds of dollars into a tool only to have it fail you a little over a year later. Of course it always seems to happen right after that factory warranty expires, right? 

With a tool purchased through Adam's you'll never have to worry about that disappointment. So when it comes time to decide where you want to buy your machine polisher think about what support you get with that tool.

If you ever run into a problem with a polisher purchased at adamspolishes.com contact our customer service team for troubleshooting, support, and if necessary replacement of your tool. Its the only warranty of its kind in the business and we're proud to support our customers hobbies not just during the sale, but for the life of their purchase as well. 

Thank you for choosing Adam's Premium Care Care! 

EMAIL: Orders@AdamsPolishes.com     PHONE: (866)965-0400 

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*Warranty applies only to tools purchased through Adam's Premium Car Care against manufactures defects for tools used and maintained within the manufactures specifications. Adam's does not cover damage or failure due to improper use, neglect, or failure to perform regular tool maintenance including, but not limited to exposure to water, cord damage, impacts, drops, improper handling, modifications, alterations, or abuse. Any warranty claim must be accompanied by an original proof of purchase and authorized by a member of the Adam's Premium Car Care staff. Returns must be received and inspected first to determine worthiness of warranty claim before replacement is issued. If you have any other questions please contact Adam's Premium Car Care by emailing Orders@AdamsPolishes.com 

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