Posted by: Oscar Fang

I live on the East coast and was introduced to Adam's by a good friend of mine. Being skeptical of all the new products that are introduced constantly in the market, I was obviously wary of these. My friend started me off with the butter wax, revive, and detail spray. I've since purchased the Essentials Kit and Flitz ball. As an avid detailer, I've tried just about every marketed product (Zymol, P21S, 3M, etc...) and have not found anything as easy to use or that lives up to its reputation like Adam's. The harsh weather and roads/conditions require people to care for their cars more frequently here, but it is definitely more enjoyable doing it using Adam's. The detail system Adam & co. have created cuts down significantly on muscle and manpower, but still proves to be 110% as effective. Instructional videos are fantastic and very useful. Will be using the products for a very long time to come.