Posted by: Hessam Toudiee

Well, where do I start? PepBoys? AutoZone? Kragen? no offence to any of these respectfull retail stores but here's my story. For the past 4 years, I've been buying Waxes, Polishes, Detail Sprays, you name it from regular retail stores... have owned 2 brand new cars in the past 3 years I've always suffered from a GOOD wax job. I do the washing myself, waxing and all but never got what I REALLY wanted. I only got my car looking really like how i wanted it to look after a long 6 hour job and by that time, I had no energy to look at it really. this goes untill I GOT INTRODUCED TO ADAM's PRODUCTS by my friend. Let's just say... I'm not even going back to OTHER brands so far. just a DETAIL SPRAY (the pink liquid) did the job for me the first time. Thanks