Posted by: Andrew

First let me say that Heather was fantastic, I had pieced together an order Adams’s products. Heather suggested I go with the absolute essentials kit; it had everything I wanted and more and saved me over $50 from my original order. I bought these products to shine up a ‘00 Subaru outback, ‘94 VW Passat, 92 BMW 730I and ‘04 Honda Accord, nothing special and none in fantastic shape. I live in Germany and it has the harshest climate of anywhere that I have ever lived. They salt the roads all winter, and it rains all summer so it is hard to keep your car clean. I used the clay bar first and it took off what looked to me as massive overspray, but I think it was just damage from the elements. The clay bar took it right off. I then polished and waxed it in two separate steps using the Porter Cable polisher. When I finished the car looked brand new again. All the products are fantastic and the best I have ever used. Both the polish and the wax come right off with the microfiber towels with little to no effort. Adam’s Premium Car Care Products are raved about by sports and luxury cars owners. I have everyday commuters but want them to look great. Adam’s products took my vehicles from looking used and run down to shining like new again. For what you pay for the average sedan now over $20 thousand, I think it is worth it to get the best car care products money can buy. Adam’s is the best and they are priced very reasonably compared to other store brands and out perform them 1000 to one. You’ll love the all Adam’s products and how they make your car look. After detailing my cars I wash them at least once a week now and they come cleaner easier than ever with a great coat of Adam’s butter wax on them and the car wash makes the dirt float right off. Thank you Heather and Adam’s for the great products and great service. I will definitely be telling all my friends about you.