Posted by: Tom McDuffee

Adam- You had responded to me on the website. You basically challenged me to use your product and compare it to what I have used. Well I just got my two bottles of your #1 & #2 polishes. I just polished ½ of the center of the wheel with your polish and then polished the other ½ with the “expensive” polish that I have been using. I used my daughter as a neutral judge. She didn’t know (or care) what ½ was done with what. She picked the ½ that I did with your polish because she said that she thought there were less scratch marks. I have done one wheel just quickly to see if I could tell any difference and I think it looks great. I will of course take more time in the future to do a good job. It looks like you will have a new customer using your products. You seem to have a great product and your straight up manner impresses me. I will be posting my findings on for all to read. Thanks,Tom PS I included a little picture of my ‘baby”.