Posted by: Michael S.

Hi Adam, it's been a couple weeks. I had finally gotten to it, had the time, had the weather. First and foremost, the products are excellent-- ease of use is on the top of the list. Yes I was a loyal Zaino customer for a long time, and let me just say after using your products I have absolutely no reason to go back. Short and sweet. I thought every product I used was great, and I can see the qaulity of them in the way my car came out. Especially, coming from Zaino. That is saying alot. Feel free to use any of my words on the website. By the way I appreciate all of the information provided on the website also. Putting the polish right on top of the wax/detail spray residue is awesome. That cut out alot of time. Take care, Mike The pictures were taken at the Presidio in San Francisco on Memorial Day. My grandfather is in the cemetary there, it was an awesome day.