Posted by: Nancy Ruiz

Adam, Thank you for your help in this matter. I am so excited to completely detail my baby (in 120 degree heat at 9:30am). I have a 2005 Mustang that is a show vehicle. It is modified with a custom hood and graphics. I used to be a Meguiar's Girl, but after "Big Tom" Reese came to one of our car club's shows and showed me what your products could do I gave all my other products ($585 worth) to my husband and all I use is Adam's. When I am at a car show (tonight is another show), I pass out sample bottles to people are very interested or cards I printed up with your e-mail address on it. Your products are wonderful and after watching the DVD I will be placing another order with your buffer in it. Keep up the good work. Here are some photos of my baby. Nancy Ruiz