Posted by: Allen A.

I've been using Adam's products for over 10 years and 4 cars! Since I usually buy dark color vehicles (Black, dark red, dark blue), using the right car care products is essential in keeping my rides looking their best. Plus, the desert environment is extra hard on a car's finish. I keep my vehicles clean and very rarely go to a car wash, but the swirl marks on my 2004 Tahoe were starting to show and needed to be dealt with. I fixed things up with Adam's Swirl & Haze remover, Revive polish, Butter Wax, Brilliant Spray Glaze and Porter Cable 7424 polisher. What a difference! The paint is is now clear of virtually all swirl marks and looks better than new! Thanks Adam! My advice? Don't bother messing around with the "Pep Boys" junk or other off the shelf products. Just buy Adam's, you won't be sorry!