Posted by: Andy Norman

After several disappointments with professional detailers I decided to take on the job myself. I got some professional instruction from Adam and his staff, and I COULD NOT BELIVE HOW EASY IT WAS! My black car has never looked this good, not even brand new! I got the full kit including a Porter Cable and started off with the double-sided edge pad process using Scratch/Swirl Remover and Revive Polish. This quickly removed swirl marks that were put on by the dealer - a Mercedes dealer who supposedly knows what they are doing put major swirl marks all over my BRAND NEW CAR! Next I followed that up with some Butter Wax and not only was I done in no time, the ride looked TIGHT! Take it from me, I've leared the hard way that if you want it done right, do it yourself. And if you want it look its best, USE ADAM'S!!! These are by far the easiest to use products and give the best results. I am now an Adam's customer for life.