Posted by: Brother Bill

Hey Adam- I felt the need to take a few minutes to write you. I remember meeting you a few years ago at the Orange County Market Place. I watched you demonstrate your product on your personal vehicle and I was VERY HESITANT in trying your products. I have now used most, if not all of your products, exclusively for several years and I'm still impressed every time I detail my vehicle. It's amazing what your products can do, even to the worse pant job. I'm glad I chanced your product and I will never use another product again. One other selling point I remember is when I needed some products ASAP and you personally delivered them to my door step on the way home from Orange County one night. You did this for a person that, at the time just started using your products, and after standing out in the sun demonstrating your products all day. You went the extra mile for me and I've never forgot that. I'm pleased to say your personal touch has continued years later with your customers and your staff. I've ALWAYS received my order next day, I don't know how you and your staff do it........but great job!! I thank you and your staff for a top-quality product and superior service Bill