Posted by: Anthony Guardiano

Adam, One of my vices is car care products. I have a cabinet full of waxes,polishes, sealants, etc. I am always looking for the next best thing but am always disappointed with the final results. I have to admit that after I saw your products on an "infomercial" I was a bit unsure. I decided to do a little research on your company and products. After having read an overwhelming amount of positive real world tests, reviews and discussions I decided to give it a try. I purchased the "Real Absolute Essentials Kit" last week and received the kit last Friday. I first watched your DVD and then began your step by step approach on my car. The results were outstanding. I immediately threw out all my other products. Your products and your company are the "real deal". It is refreshing to buy a product and deal with a company that does what it says it does. My car has never looked this good and it has never been so easy to do!!!! Thanks! Anthony M. Guardiano