Posted by: Brendan Bailey

Dear Adam Pitale - My name is Brendan Bailey, and we met at Fall Carlisle in Pennsylvania fall of 06. I am writing this e-mail because I just wanted to say, you have the best product out there! Sure I believe that Meguiars is ok, but they spend all there time in advertising and maybe a little of their time on development (I will give them that) but they should think of making a better polish. Adam's Polishes, of course, is already three steps ahead of the other guys. The Butter Wax and the Revive polish make my dads Pearl White 01 Cadillac DeVille look like it is brand new out of the factory. And let me tell you there are some major problems with swirls marks on this beauty, but the Swirl and Scratch Remover do the trick every time. Back to the point, the polishes you manufacture make any car shine with a sense that "hey I can do this", and after looking at a "freshly" detailed vehicle you hope it doesn't start to rain! In the end you just get a sense of accomplishment from seeing a car with scratches, swirl marks, and that has had no wax applied since it was new, to a "brand new" car that looks better than when it was detailed by a professional for two hundred plus dollars. You have a really good thing going and will always be a true Adams Polishes customer. But most importantly, I will always cringe and drive extremely slow whenever I hear dirt hitting the wheel wells of my silver Chevy Impala after I have just detailed it with Adams detailing products. Thank you very much for showing me an amazing product! Sincerely, Brendan Bailey P. S.- Here is a photo of my dads Cadillac after it was detailed by your amazing products.