Posted by: Morrie Stilley

Adam: Knowing I'm not one of your salespersons, it was an easy task to promote your products during the car show season here in N.W. Indiana. I gave away each and every bottle of your detail spray as well as the (yellow) microfibre towels. And a RESOUNDING 100% approval was received by everyone. For example, I went to a car show in Ft. Wayne, IN (about a 3 hour drive East) and was standing behind a "polish" salesman talking to a bunch of guys from the Detroit, MI area. Their cars were the late 50's Lincolns, Cadillacs, Buicks, Oldsmobiles. His claims like his prices were outlandish. He attempted to clean and polish a fellow's 59 Cadillac front bumper. I motioned to one of them "no" and he convinced the others to do the same. I went back to my car and brought back the remaining bottles of your detail spray and handed them out. Well I can tell you they were offering me as much as $20 each for the bottles, but I told them to keep their money and order your products directly. One of guys I was talking to had an impeccably detailed and very chromey 59 Cadillac that he couldn't get the shine he wanted from his front bumper, (same guy as I mentioned above). Well, back to my car I went and came back with bottle #1 and bottle #2. In about 15 minutes he couldn't (and I couldn't) believe the shine!! He told me he had just spent $500 re-chroming the back bumper so NOW he said he's not re-chroming the front bumper but was going to buy your polishes!! (hey this stuff really works!!) I don't want ANY thank you's because I really believe in your products and use them EXCLUSIVELY!! I have given all other products I've accumulated to my neighbor to use. This coming spring I'll show him your products. He'll flip!! (THE PICTURE I ATTACHED IS MY 1940 FORD, WITH ADAM'S POLISH ON IT!!) Thanks, Morrie