Posted by: Vinny Gioffre

Adam, Check out the pics that I attached of the new Vette. I have become rather bored with the wheels that are available for the Corvettes so I designed a set of my own 3 piece wheels (19x9.5 and 20x11) and had All-Star Tire build them for me at their LA Forged facility. As you can see they are a basic split spoke design but I had them widen (or flare) the spoke slightly from the hub to where they come together at the rim rather than the usual tapering. In addition I was able to get a 3-1/2" lip on the rears and still have everything inside the fender (no aftermarket flared fenders). I think they did one hell of a job. Let me know what you think. Of course nothing has ever been applied to the car but Adam's!!! Vinny