Posted by: Bob Fraley

My car is a 1967 Chevy Camaro That has been fully restored since 2002. The only part of the car I was not satisfied with was the Torque Thrust Aluminum wheels. No matter what I tried they always seemed to have a cloudy finish. I have spent hundreds of dollars on different polishes to rectify the problem with NO results.  Today July 14, 2007, changed that and much more aboth the look of my car. I was at an all Chevy show in Salem Oregon and saw your products. At first I was not convinced by the sales pitch, just another array of products that promised results and expensive at that.

I decided to tell the guys at the booth that if they could make my wheels shine I would buy some of the #1 and #2 polish they were selling. In about 1 minute ½ of one of my aluminum wheels looked as if it had been chromed and was new. I have never seen a product work so well in so little time. After trying some of your other polishes and waxes I spent over $200.00 and took many people to your booth to buy.

I probably had about $200.00 of other companies products that I brought with me to clean my car at the show, it is now all at the bottom of a dumpster where we had the show. As far as I was concerned it wasn’t worth hauling home. Your line of products is worth every penny and more. I have been in automotive retail most of my life and have never seen products that perform like yours. What I thought was a good looking car now stands out from the crowd better that ever.


Thank you

Bob Fraley

Independence, Oregon