Posted by: Bruce Barbour

Hello my name is Bruce Barbour I live in Waynesboro Pennsylvania. This weekend was the Carlisle Bikefest so the wife and I decided to ride up and see what was going on. I being a detail nut am always looking for something better to clean the bike with well low and behold I came across the Adams vending trailer where I was given a demo on the detail spray. I was amazed at the job it did on the motorcycle tank that the fellow shined for me in the heat of the afternoon. To make a long story short I detailed my Roadking today with Adams Detail Spray and it looks brand new. This bike is 12 years old, thats right a 1995 model and the paint is so deep it looks almost wet. I sure am glad I found the Adams vendor as I have a new Detail spray that I will carry in the saddlebag at all times..Thanks...Bruce