Posted by: Scott Wood

I have a 2006 Dodge Charger that is my baby, and started using the Adams Auto Detailer spray and WOW what a difference. It puts an amazing shine not only on the paint but on my Chrome wheels as well. I drove over something someone threw out their window, and it got all over, but your cleaning and detailing products got it right out. All of my friends are now using your products, and we are all car junkies and baby our rides. From Porsches to Vettes, hot rods and bikes, we all love it and will keep on using it!!! Just wanted to send a testimonial on a product that does what it is suppose to do, keep my ride looking good.The wheels are 22” Asanti’s and are not cheap so would not trust just any product, but my friends said this is the best and I totally agree!!! Keep up the great work.

San Diego, Calif.