Posted by: Mike Wilkinson

I met some of the Adam's crew at the Mopar Nationals last year (summer 07) at Carlisle. I was an avid user of Brand Z (Zaino) , It is a great product that requires lots of time. I voiced my concerns to the Adam's crew and they demo'd some of the products to me. I told them I would buy the Adam's product when I ran out of Zaino. I placed my order and purchased a kit that included the orbital buffer and pad Super Wax and all of the fine products that I was shown at Carlisle. Well let me tell you my street cars an 06 Grand Prix, an 01 Monte Carlo SS, 05 Harley Davidson Deuce and an 06 Honda Pilot have never looked better. But the car that really shined (pun intended) is my 70 440-6pack `Cuda. It is B5 blue and has won numerous awards. My buddy came over after I Adamized the `Cuda and could not believe the difference. The paint looked like glass and was a mile deep. The paint job alone cost 10,000 grand but it did not reach it's potential until I used Adam's. I have enclosed a picture to show you the results.

 Thanks for great and honest products !!!!!!

 (Please feel free to use my photo and e-mail as a testimonial)

 Mike Wilkinson