Posted by: Jim Alcombright

Adam -
Thx again for writing to me and the great service. Everyone has mix-ups, I know I do in my business. It's how you handle that makes all the difference. The fact is, you -- and your company -- have garnered quite the reputation for exactly the type of great customer service you are exhibiting here. I was already a "fan", Adam, telling everyone that would listen how great your products are and how you take such a personal interest in each and every customer. I guess now I'll just have to shout it from the roof tops!   ;-)
Seriously, I appreciate the personal personal response -- though I have always been happy in my dealings with all of your team.
Here's the pics of the 2007 Tahoe LTZ after the following:
Here's what was used and the order it was done. To be honest, I kept the truck in what I thought was near perfect condition for 2+ years -- that is, until I saw the difference AFTER using your products. Wow!
1. Adams All Purpose Cleaner on wheels, wheel wells and tires and under hood
2. Adams Car Wash
3. Adams Detail Spray and Waffle Weave Towel to drvy
4. Adams Clay Bar
5. Adams Polish
6. Adams Buttery Wax
7. Adams Applicators Pads and Mircofiber towls use throughout
8. Adams Glass Cleaner
9. Adams VRT on tires, wheel wells and under hood
Upstate New York