Posted by: Mitch Velickovich

Please pass this around your crew as a heartfelt thank you for a product well designed to put a grin on your customers face. Easy to use and immediate results!!!. 


I received my Spray bottle and 5 gallon of your detail product two days ago and I love your product. I have to thank Bill Finagan from Maryland for turning me towards your product. I saw the results on his aircraft and it was an immediate “must have”  thing for me.


See pictures attached…Also, I wanted to be the first one to post use of your product other than in Cars.  My aircraft and motorcycle have a new look (and smell)  thanks to you.


Look at that mirror and wet finish!  I have never seen anything work instantly like your detail product. 


Very seldom I say this…Thanks for a great product!!! Money well spent!


Best regards,


Mitch Velickovich

Charlotte, NC