Posted by: Jack Tipton

As a loyal user of Adams detail products, I have stated many times that they are the only products that will ever be used on my 2001 Torch Red Corvette coupe. Well my 01 had not been polished or waxed in a few months, only used the great Adams Detail spray after washing the car. There was a show on July 4 I wanted to attend, but did not have the time to do a complete detail (clay, Fine Machine Polish and Wax).  So I simply wash the car, and hit it with detail spray on July 3.  The day of the show, I got up early and went to the garage and put a coat of Brilliant Spray Glaze on.  Went back in the house for some coffee and waited about 40 minutes ( Florida humidity) before removing it.  Well the paint just seemed to pop off the car and the depth was outstanding.  Off to the show.  While sitting there I received many compliments.  One of the other corvette owners showing his car asked me what I used.  I told him Adams and nothing else.  He claimed he had always used it, but found a new product produced locally and asked if I want to try it.  I told him thank you, but only Adams touches my 01.
At 3 pm the awards are presented.  I almost fell over when my name was called for a best of show award.  I spoke to the judge after the show, and he told me that the shine on my car was the best he has seem in sometime.
So thank you Adam Pitale and your entire staff for producing an outstanding line of products.