Posted by: Michael Fedish

This is the car I use your products on.  I did my first clay bar at age 49 two weeks ago and my blood pressure was sky high.  It's tough teaching an old dog new tricks but i am learning.  When the buffer comes in I guess this would be another step in the learning process. And my son whose 11 is learning with me. He actually clay bared mt wife's van and expedition and the paint is still on, surprisingly.  I included some pictures of my mustang which is my midlife crisis toy.  Besides the power level it's at, two of the trophies are because of Adam's polishes. I won the trophies because of the brightness of the car.  The car has 620 horse and the shine brings it up to 1000 horse.

The Mustang is a 2007 GT. 5 speed manual trans. Grabber Orange color. After I bought it I had a Saleen Super Charger, Kooks long Tube headers, under drive pullies, 60lb injectors, dual fuel pumps, many, many dyno sessions and custom tunes by JDM in New Jersey. A bunch of other things done to the motor but all stock internals up to this point. That may be changing this winter, not sure yet. I only use it once in a while, car shows, track every now and then. It is a lot of fun, still amazes me where these young kids (under 30 years old)get the money from to do custom work on these cars. I am almost 50 years old and it was rough to come up with the money.