Posted by: Norm Wood

I had a situation arise the other day that I wanted to pass on to you. My father in-law has a 1915 Ford Touring Model T car that he restored and has had for several years. He uses the car occasionally and stores it in a back garage in a wooden area. Well this year we have had an excessive amount of rain so the car was not used very much this summer. The other day he went to get the car for a ride with his grand children and when he pull it out it heavily coated with moisture. The inside cloth/canvas top was covered with a white residue and the tires also had a similar coating. This has never happened in all the years he has owned the car and he did not know what to do. My wife (his daughter) said," Dad don't worry I am sure Norm has some Adam Product that will fix this.
A couple of days later I when up to take a look at the problem along with my Adam's Bag. On the inside cloth head liner I used the Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner with a semi soft brush and it took the white residue right off. I then cleaner the leather seats with Leather Cleaner and then treated it with the Leather Conditioner. I used VRT on the outside vinyl convertible top and the tires. Glass cleaner on the glass and then Detail Sprayed the car down to remove any over spray from the other products. And finally gave it a coat of Brilliant Spray Glaze. Total time spent on the car was about 90 minutes. My father in-law was amazed, he could not get over how great the car looked. He said the car never looked so good. He was so proud he took the car out riding the next day to show if off. Once again your products proved themselves even on a 93 year old car.
Norm Wood