I just received the Porter Cable machine and all the machine products so I gave it a try.  It was my very first time ever with the machine.  Washed the truck with the Adams wash system, Clay bar and detail spray, second generation orange pad and swirl remover, followed by orange pad and revive polish. Did them separately the truck was a mess. Removed with a Super Plush Microfiber and detail spray, came off very easily. Next up white pad and machine polish, I used the polisher to take it off with a Microfiber towel, had to chase the towel around till I got the hang of it. Last was black pad with the ultra fine machine polish, removed by hand with micro fiber towel. Like Adam says in the video you have to work the polish for that final touch. The finish is on the money! Pictures do not lie. It is a pleasure to see the fruits of your own labor.


            Michael Fedish

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