Posted by: Dennis Valentine

I have been using your Machine Polish and Wax products for a year.  Before your's, I always used well known premium polishes and wax with a Porter Cable polisher.  After moving, (  UP ), to your Machine Polish and Wax there is no going back !  I swear that some people thought I had repainted the car !  It was that much of a difference !
The car won it's class at the 2008 Sacramento Autorama, as well as numerous other Best of Shows.  I sincerely believe that the use of your products has a direct impact on those results.
Also, I need to add that this car is DRIVEN, and never trailered.  Since it's completion two years ago we have logged 12,000 fun-filled miles.  The shine and finish still shows no significant signs of wear thanks to Adam's Machine Polish and Wax and the use of Adam's Spray Detailer during the shows.
If you ever get up to Sacramento please look me up and I'll get you the best steak in town !!