I have to say I love the products, as well as the great customer service you guy's have.  I always receive my orders in just a few days, and for me that's a plus. I first found out about your Detail Spray threw the Charger Forums, and I was very impressed with the stuff.  I usually wash my Charger, dry it, and then Detail Spray the entire car.  My aftermarket wheels are painted black and with just Detail Spraying after every wash they stay perfect.  I also us All Purpose Cleaner to keep the engine bay clean. Before I would use, mothers, meguires, turtle wax ice, and no matter how fast you were to get it off, they would always leave a white streaking. The VRT is awesome too, because it doesn't leave that sticky gel crap that ends up slinging all over the sides of my car. I also purchased some Revive Polish, and Buttery Wax from the Chryslers at Carlyle show this year, but to be honest I haven’t had the time to use it. I sent a few buddies over to the booth to at least pick up a bottle of the Detail Spray and they both came back with way more lol. I’ll keep spreading the word, and you guys keep making the killer products. Thanks, Brent Tanney

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