I have used many different products over the past 46 years (my first
Corvette in 1962). I truly fell in love with a particular product 12 years
ago and used it religiously until this year. Well, now I am a user of Adams
products. I tried everything from the Clay Bar to the Buttery Wax. I started
from the beginning on my 2001 Corvette using Adams and on my 2006 Corvette
(both ZO6 - both Silver metallic) using my favorites. I purposely did the
older car with Adams products thinking that it would be unfair to use the
Adams on the newer car. Both cars are pristine, both garage kept and neither
car ever driven in inclement weather.
There was something amazing that I noticed immediately after completion of
the 3 day project. The Adams products were superior; the 2001 looked better.
I asked 8 different people to compare the 2 cars which were side by side in
my driveway. All 8 agreed that my 2001 ZO6 was superior. The following
weekend I stripped down the 2006 and began again from the Clay Bar to the
Buttery Wax using only Adams products. I have enclosed some photos.
So, it appears that you have a new member of the forum and a new customer of

Leesburg, VA

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