This year celebrates the 75th anniversary of the 1932 Ford "Deuce"   At the Grand National Roadster Show, Ford displayed some truly unique, one-of-a-kind vehicles.  This special Roadster was done by Edsel Ford, and introduced for racing in 1934.  Beautiful!
550 Maranello wheels shined up thanks to Adam's Polishes Metal Polish #1 and #2!
I’ve attached the two best shots of the burnt orange ’67 you were working on the water spot removal. Given it’s the same lighting, I think the difference is pretty clear!! Also, the water spots are visible in the “before/bad” pic.
As you can see from below…I took advantage of your show special!!
Brother Al Fuller
It is never too early to start shining those cars!  Just a little Detail Spray and a Microfiber Towel! Preston - pictured here - is starting early. One day he'll graduate to real cars but for now the Hot Wheels will do.

Konocti has been building some incredible cars for years, but this year, the company´s president had a chance to build himself a super-unique hot rod.  The picture doesn´t do the car justice, but it suffices to say, you have never seen anything like this before!

Here is an example of what our New Invisible Undercarriage Spray was designed to do!  Let it dry for 30 minutes before driving, and be aware that it can make a smooth garage floor slippery. 

HI ADAM: My name is Dan meet you out at the GRAND NATIONAL HOTROD SHOW at POMONA, we where right across from your set up, iam the guy that give you some rounds of cold beers on Sat, Sunday.. please keep in touch I would like to do some car shows with you! Are you going to SUPER CHEVY!

I been waxing all my friends cars with your PINK detailing spray they all like it so next time I see you I will need to buy more to sale to those guys.. I need some more of those white rags! they work so GOOD my boss owns it know with all of my PINK SPRAY!!!!!! your products WORK  Thanks for the tire dressing it works so good, Please keep in touch with me.. THANKS ADAM

Adam, here are a few pics of our Corvette Detail Day.   Our vette is the white C6.   Thanks for making such an outstanding product line.  We loooove them.
Bob & Gayle Smith

Dr. Steve Olivera is a long time friend, and one heck of an dentist in Manhattan Beach, CA.   He just sent me an email of his new office furniture, next to his fully modified Mopar.   Unbelievable!!!    Steve says:  "Adam,  this is my office furniture.  Your polish looks great.  -Steve"

Here is a photo of my 06 Charger that I use Adam´s detail spray religiously on. I already have clay barred it, revive polish & butter waxed it with Adam's products. I have a few friend's sold on the clay bar and butter wax. We love it! Anyways, here is a picture.   Hope it makes it in your gallery. -Nate

Nate, thanks for your business, and it's my honor to have your ride in our Gallery.  Thanks! -Adam

Adam,  Thanks for getting back with me and for sending the samples, etc out to me.  Can´t wait to get them.  Glad that you got to meet Joe.  Attached are pictures of all his cars that i have detailed so far.  70 Plymouth SuperBird, 65 GTO and 69 GTO Judge.  THey looked dull and dingy when i got them, with swirl marks.  They all came out and the cars look like new.  Let me know what you think.  I will send you an e-mail about the metal polish when i get it.  Thanks again. Dave

I have a black 1971 Dodge Challenger R/T. See attachments. It was featured in the September 2003 issue of Mopar Muscle Magazine, and used 2 years ago in the country music group RASCAL FLATTS music video for the song "My Worst Fear" and has also been featured in 2 calendars, with 2 more to come this year. 
I detail other people’s cars and exclusively use your products. Every vehicle I do with your products look GREAT!

Thanks again,
Dave Smiley

Our friend and customer Al Fuller´s C6 looks outstanding with these new Black Chrome wheels from  Notice the shine?  That would be courtesy of Adam´s!

Your products are awesome!  I used the Spray Glaze on my 2004 Crossfire and I have to say - this product is sooo sweet man!   I look forwards to checking out the Butter Wax and detail spray in the future.  Warmest Regards, B.Freedman

Now here is a picture of a couple of great friends, Al & Lou when we were in Monterey in 2005.    We met at California Speedway three or four years ago, when I walked up to Al´s ´37 Ford Coupe and started polishing it in the 105+degree hot day.   They offered me a beer, and we´ve been great friends since!
Our customer Jeff James Detailed his Ford Lightning in Surpise Arizona outside in the sun.  It was 108 degrees!  Check our Testimonial Page for more pictures.

Colin knows muscle cars.  In fact, he is the authority in the muscle car arena, and with each $250,000+ car he sells, he includes a Detail Kit!

I had a chance to visit his showroom in Milwaukee this March.  This is just one of the fifty-plus incredible, one-of-a-kind cars that Colin has on hand.  Visit his online showroom by copying the following link to  your browser:

Vinny G is a great customer, and he has some beautiful cars!  This is just one of them.  Thanks for the photo Vinny, and for your business over the years! 

We all know that Jay Leno has an incredible collection of cars, motorcycles, etc.   He keeps them in a series of hangars at the airport in Burbank, CA.

Did you know that his head detailer, Rosalie, uses Adam´s Products almost exclusively?    Here you see us in good company, between two of the big guys.   I showed up personally to re-stock their shelf, and see the still-untouched bottles of the competition.  Thanks Rosalie!

Indeed, Adam´s was the exclusive detail team at the Transport Show in the Philippines in May, 2006.  Here you see our team who had just finished detailing a Lamboroghini!
Here is what the big show in the Phiippines looks like!  Our reps were there promoting, detailing, and demonstrating! Pictured is Anthony, head of distributions in the islands.

People often ask what I drive, and as the founder of Adam´s Polishes, I tow trailers to shows everywhere!    Because of that, I appreciate diesel performance, and have added Superchips, Bully Dog, K&N, and lots of Banks equipment to our small fleet.

Reading a thread on a diesel forum, I was made aware of DP Tuner.  Everyone in the thread was saying that DP Tuners were better than Banks, and the rest of the competition, everybody!  Well, I called and talked to the owner, Jody, and he set me up.  WOW!  My Excursion is an absolute beast.  It is now above and beyond the Banks, in Bhp, Torque, and economy.  Jody is now a customer, and this is his wife´s 11 second (in the 1/8 mile) Diesel Pickup.  (Shiny, isn´t it?)  Copy and paste this link to check them out:  Tell them Adam sent you!

I just wanted to send you a couple of different pictures that you could showcase on your website, I  really hope I can make the gallery section because my car is just sooo SHINY!!.....

November 23rd of last year, had the P-car just 11 days.
Decided to try getting up on the Blue Ridge Parkway but it was closed.
This is 276 to the Parkway, heading back down.
No snow down below but definitely ran into some at these higher elevations.
P-car climbed like a Jeep (well, almost)(it´s all-wheel-drive) in the snow and ice, very stable.

This Incredible creation of our customer and friend, Dennis Loehr.  He also runs a webstie called .

"The sole purpose of Caffiene Cruisers is to bring car buffs closer together.  No longer will we need to refer to the person we have talked to for 8 years as "Bud, Buddy or Pal".  How cool to be able to associate a car with its owner anywhere in the world with an internet connection!"

Mike Belom´s M3 is a show stopper!  Have a look at the depth and gloss on his 2002 BMW!  We are proud to him as a customer, and his car in our Gallery!

This is my Step-Dad, Rand.   He was using our Spray in the worst conditions possible!  He couldn´t see out the windows when four-wheeling, so he got out the 4oz travel-size Detail Spray and a MF Towel.  "No Streaks!"  exlaimed Rand.

Wow!  Obviously this is Tom´s daily driver.  Check out the detail in his motor compartment!

Tom has himself a beautiful ´32, and is hopefully a convert to Adam´s!  Thanks for the pictures Tom!

Thanks Chuck for organizing such an incredible event at warehouse in 2005!  We had about 30 Vettes, and most were detailed completely before leaving.  We finished off the day with lunch at Ricky & Ronnies Hot Rod Cafe in Torrance.  It was a fun day, and we took hot laps in Steve´s ´06 Z06.  WOW!!!

I walked up to Gary the secod I saw him pull into the show.  He parked across from our booth, and this beautifully built car had swirls and was a little dull.   I asked him if we could use his car in our booth, and detail it.   He was skeptical, so I offered to do a section of his trunk to show how the car would look.  He became a customer, friend, and spokesperson in about five minutes!   Check out more of Gary´s Vette at

At the end of the show, Robert, Jim, and myself were beat!   This pic is taken in front of our friend Mick´s 1970 SS Convertible. It had swirl marks so bad, the black paint looked grey.   I approached him and offered to detail his car for free if we could use it as a demo vehicle.  He agreed, and gave me a cold beer on the spot!   We all went go-cart racing together later that night, with our Spokane distributor Rick, and a few other friends.
This owner of this beauty stopped by our booth to pick up a Detail Kit at Hot August Nights in 2005.   I was lucky enough to snap a picture before he got away.  This car was perfect in and out, and sported a Mopar V-10!
Lou has about 35K original miles on this factory 930 Turbo.  His wheels were oxidized and looked white.   The paint had no shine. His construction business in Manhattan Beach kept him too busy to care for the car, so he went looking for a detailer.  After reading about us on, he discovered that he lived aroung the corner from our warehouse.   When he pulled in, I was drooling.   We don´t detail cars, but I made the exception for this car.  This photo was taken in front of our warehouse after I spent two hours on his paint, wheels, and interior.  Lou is my new friend.
The only event that out-revvs the Concours in Pebble Beach is the Concorso Italiano.   It takes place on the Friday before the Concours, on an incredible golf course in Monterey.  There are thousands of incredible Italian Sports Cars, to admire, while drinking red wine, and smoking a cigar.   It´s Heaven!   This DB5 was absolutely perfect.  Remember the original Bond, James Bond?

Every year, I go to the Concours d´ Elegance in Pebble Beach, CA.  Every year, I fall in love.   Out on the grass, this gal was so beautiful, curvy, and sharp as a tac.  What´s not to love?  Maybe it´s my Italian heritage, the year I spent in Italy, or just the simple love of this incredible car.  I had to stop, take a sip of my brew, and cheers this beauty!

We lent my friend Dennis a helping hand when his Escalade pulling this beautiful Superman Hot Rod, pooped out on the way to Hot August Nights.   I saw Dennis pulled over on HWY 395, with the unmistakeable car on the trailer.  His wife rode in my truck with the AC blasting, while Dennis limped the SUV to the mechanic without air on a 100+degree day.  They were so grateful, they dropped a Margarita Party Platter off at the warehouse after the show.  Thanks again for that!

You have seen this truck dozens of magazines, websites, and at the shows.  Rod and Diane´s products of choice, Adam´s Polishes!   Lucky us to be able to claim some shine responsibility on this incredible truck.  Thanks for your business and for letting us show your beautiful and super high-gloss ride on our site!

Check out for more outstanding pictures of this nearly $100K Corvette. Recently converted from Zaino to Adam´s Polishes.

This Olds 88 Concept car started to roll out of the tent to the stage at Barrett-Jackson in 2005, into the rain!   Three guys had picked up a piece of plastic for cover, and since I was standing by, and saw the fourth corner resting on the car, I grabbed it.   Before I knew it, we were running along side the car in the pouring rain, trying to keep the cockpit dry.  When we got to the staging area, the car handler, Will Raynor, went to pull out an old terry-towel to dry the car.  I said, "Whooooaaa there, don´t use that!"  I then ran to my truck and got some drying towels, and the five of us began the drying the car.  It was dry in minutes, then went up on the stage.   I followed it, continuing to wipe and polish thecar.  This pic is of me on stage with the car when it sold for $3,000,000.  I´ve got one of our yellow towels in my hands.