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Randy Kring
Here are a few pictures of my step-mom's Honda Pilot headlights that I polished out this weekend.  I wetsanded them with 2000 and 2500 grit sandpaper, then used the focus pads (yellow, orange, and white) with your Swirl & Haze Remover  Read More
Matt Hurley

A few years ago, a friend told me about the Adam's line of detailing products.  I was a bit weary at first to stray away from the Mother's and Meguiar's products I had been using for some time but I figured I should give it a try... I can truly say that these products are by far, THE BEST ST...

Joe Frole
Adams products just seem to do everything I need in order to keep my cars looking right. The application is simple and the products do exactly what is needed for each application. This Camaro has done well at multiple shows and Adams Polishes plays a big roll in keeping it that way.
Jay Schwall
I would like to thank you guys for making such great products! I get asked how I make my truck so shiny all the time!  It is a 2003 Ford F-350 running a 16 inch One Up Offroad coilover system.  The truck has never been garage kept.  I never head out for a show without Adam's!
Mike Moseler II
I am absolutely thrilled with Adam's products. I use just about everything you make and am the first to tell all my friends about the absolute easiest products to use when it comes to making your car stand apart from the rest. I have tried just about everything else on the market and am hooked on ADAM'S. I use only your products on all my toys and ...
Michael Fedish Back for More

I just received the Porter Cable machine and all the machine products so I gave it a try.  It was my very first time ever with the machine.  Washed the truck with the Read More

Norm Wood
I had a situation arise the other day that I wanted to pass on to you. My father in-law has a 1915 Ford Touring Model T car that he restored and has had for several years. He uses the car occasionally and stores it in a back garage in a wooden area. Well this year we have had an excessive amount of rain so the car was not used very much th...
Michael Fedish
This is the car I use your products on.  I did my first clay bar at age 49 two weeks ago and my blood pressure was sky high.  It's tough teaching an old dog new tricks but i am learning.  When the buffer comes in I guess this would be another step in the learning process. And my son whose 11 is learning with me. He actually clay bare...
Jeff Taylor
I just want to say how impressed I am with your products. It started with the Undercarrige Spray and just took off from there. Your stuff rocks! I won't use anyhing else because I don't need to. The Butery Wax and Revive Polish really bring out the shine on my car and they are so easy to use. I h...
Jon Nusbaum

Hey, this is JP Nusbaum from Maryland. Attached are photos of my '08 auto. Enjoy!

Kris Rebuck

Our friend and customer of 2 years now has finally sent us pictures of his 2005 Mustang! We met Kris two years ago at the 2006 All-Ford Nationals in Carlisle and his car was in dire need of the Adam's Lovin! We put it in our booth and polished on it all day. Well two years, 30,000 miles and s...
Matt Zavakos

We got to use some of the old favorite stuff and a lot of the new stuff.  I love the undercarriage spray…wow!  Also got to use the new machine polishes and such, also fantas...

Richard Ashenfelter

I had a nice morning so I got the SRT-8 all cleaned up and took some photos.  Here are a couple of advertising photos just for you guys at Adams. I've been detailing the truck every day with all this pollen and your products are amazing. Thanks again, and I'll be ordering plenty more before summer.
Mitch Velickovich

Please pass this around your crew as a heartfelt thank you for a product well designed to put a grin on your customers face. Easy...

John Sharkey

I use your Butter Wax and Detail Spray so much that my neighbors tease me about the many times that I wax the car.  I have a 2006 Black Mustang GT and we all know how hard it is to keep a black car clean.  But once the butter wax is on and...
Jim Alcombright

Adam -
Thx again for writing to me and the great service. Everyone has mix-ups, I know I do in my...
Mike Hogan

Me and my friends really love using you products.  We were at the Good Guys show in Del Mar this last weekend and they tried giving us a free bottle of Eagle One’s new spray detail and we refused to take it.  When you use a great product l...
Mike Wilkinson

I met some of the Adam's crew at the Mopar Nationals last year (summer 07) at Carlisle. I was an avid user of Brand Z (Zaino) , It is a great product that requires lots of time. I voiced my concerns to the Adam's crew and they demo'd some of the products to me. I told them I would buy ...

Roderick Williams

Here are some shots of one of our good friends and customer Rod Williams. His Porsche is mint and keeps it looking great with Adam's! Thanks for your business Rod!

Mark Walker

I was at a car show recently, and someone was there handing out samples of your product. Up until then I was using one of your competitors products, and not always happy with the results.  Read More

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