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Warren Stromberg
I have used many different products over the past 46 years (my first
Corvette in 1962). I truly fell in love with a particular product 12 years
ago and used it religiously until this year. Well, now I am a user of Adams
products. I tried everything from the Clay Bar to the Buttery Wax. I started
from the beginning on my 2001 Corvette us...
Terry Shuman
Just wanted to send a Thank You note, because your product works. Attached is a picture
of our car, Terry and Sandy Shuman’s, 1932 Ford Hi-Boy Roadster, we call it “Shu’s 32”
I started to use your product last year,  ever since then the colors on the flames look brighter,
they seen to jump off the car.  Th...
Russ Granados

Hi Adam,

Thanks for the response. The results were great, a glass finish and silky feel to the paint. It took a little practice to get ...
Ronald A. Corradini
Troy Christiansen

Hi Adam,

Thank you for the quick response and the quick service on my order. I was planning to use the products this weekend, but the weath...
Virgil Stafford

I would like to thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I'm pretty sure I

found the culprit for the fine scratches that showed up on my car after I<...

Hey guys, I'm sure you get a bunch of these, but I just wanted to send in some before and after shots of my black 2005 F-150.  If you want to use these on your website just let me know and I'd be glad to do a little write up on which products I used and whatnot.  I've only use...

This stuff rocks and is the best out there!  It is all I use on my baby.  Try some...YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE THE RESULTS! Adam's Rocks!!

Steve Smith

I actually enjoy "the work" keeping the Atomic Orange C6 looking good with your products....the latest order of drying towels are for my father-in-law for Christmas. I h...

Scott Wood

I have a 2006 Dodge Charger that is my baby, and started using the Adams Auto Detailer spray and WOW what a difference. It puts an amazing shine not only on the paint but on my Chrome wheels as well. I drove over something someone threw out their w...

Bruce Barbour

Hello my name is Bruce Barbour I live in Waynesboro Pennsylvania. This weekend was the Carlisle Bikefest so the wife and I decided to ride up and see what was going on. I being a detail nut am always looking for something better to clean the bike with well low ...

Bob Fraley

My car is a 1967 Chevy Camaro That has been fully restored since 2002. The only part of the car I was not satisfied with was the Torque Thrust Aluminum wheels. No matter what I tried they always seemed to have a cloudy finish. ...

Chuck Youngblood

All I can say is OUTSTANDING!! I bought the machine polish & wax from you at Bloomington Gold and I just finished doing the car with it. I am very fussy about my car and I had no idea it had become so cloudy, after using the polish you could actually see the di...

Rod B. Williams Sr

On Sunday, May 20, 2007, Ms. YoYo and I attended another Car Show, The Porsche Club of America, Grand Prix Region

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Chris Toth

Hi Adam, The banner is in good shape, Here is a picture of the banner and my GTO in my garage. I bought it new last Oct. I have only washed it with water one time ,the rest of the time detail spray alot of detail spray . I will end by saying how well I love all of your products . &n...
James Forte

I am James Forte, I have purchased your products and absolutely swear by them.  I am your biggest advocate on the Viper Club of America.  I have sent MANY MANY Viper club members to ...
Andre L. Aragon

I first saw your display of products at the Orange County swap meet. Skeptical, I decided to try your VRT dressing for my G35. WOW! I can't express how impressed I am with your product. You definately have a return customer with me. Thank you.
Bob Poulin

I simply want to convey my appreciation for your excellent service on my recent order and like all of my previous orders arrived fast and totally correct. Your products work beyond what is stated in the verbiage on the web site. I commented in my order that one of your brushes had a manufactu...
Delson Products

Where do I start. Well we are a high end tool box manufacturing company and we only use the best products for our customer. We have over 30yrs. of experience in this business and with high quality finished products, so I can state we've used them all and NOTHING works or even comes close to t...
Charles Perez

Adam, just wanted to let you know that I just bought this Sunday and it works Great. So much easier than the VRT and now the car looks complete. I went ahead and bought the gallon and a spray bottle. Hope the car show went good this past weekend. I'll let you know when I try the glass clea...
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