Posted by: Terry Wiesner

I frist became aware of adams waxes at the swap meet.they had some cars and trucks there for demos.the demos are flawless and perfect so i figured any wax would make them look good,they even had a nice looking girl polishing them to show how easy it was.I normally expect to find less than promised in most things,so i had my second thoughts. What i found out was the folks there are very honest and thier waxes are great.I bought the scratch out and revive and polishing wheels,to polish a jaguar xjs i own.i spent about $50 dollars in wax related products.My wife was not happy with me LOL,then we walked around the corner and bought a new corvette at which point she said she wouldnt complain about wax anymore. I used these waxes on both cars.I am always being told this"I have never seen such a shiny WHITE car"the jag is white. The vette is black and the paint is very easy to scratch,the scratch out works great,removes the scratches and brings it back to a super shine. What I found at ADAMS wax was a quality product and honest folks.Very refreshing in todays world. My thanks to the folks at adams and keep up the good work!!!!