Posted by: Mary Hoffman

Last year (2003) while attending "Corvettes in Carlisle" - I stopped and watched a 'demo' of Adam's Products. I was very impressed with what I saw, so I bought some towels (a total must - drying and detailing towels!), detail spray, butter wax, & V.R.T (to name a few). WELL - my husband (Mike) was so impressed with this line (and that fact that I picked it out!) that throughout the year we bought even more of Adam's products. When Mike's friends come over 'to hang in the garage' they always comment on how great (new) our cars look (I have the 50th Anniversary and Mike has a 2002 Z06 and we also have a Lexus Truck). We are always quick to brag about your products (even though Mike tries to take the credit for the find - I quickly advise it we me who turned Mike onto the Adams line) Mike will then open up the cabinet of car cleaning products, and we proudly show them EVERYTHING from Adams - Mike will let his friends try the products, towels, etc. and they too are amazed!! We then give them the URL for ordering!!!! Another Happy Customer! ;-) I had the pleasure of meeting Adam this year in Carlisle (2004) so I could tell him in person how wonderful I thought his products were. It was also nice to see that Adam takes as much time and care with each customer as he does with his products...a sure receipe for success! Thank you Adam for these wonderful products - and thank you for taking the time to talk with me & Mike! YOUR STUFF ROCKS!!!!!!!