Posted by: Mary Hoffman

Last year (2003) in Carlisle (Corvettes of Carlisle) while my husband was off spending money - I stopped by booth and watched a demo of guys cleaning a car (what Adams products)- what really got my attention was the V.R.T. - (okay - everything got my attention but that REALLY got my attention) - so I picked up a bottle of it along detial spray, drying & polishing cloths. When we got home and my husband used these items on his Z06, he filled - I don't know if he was more impressed with the product or the fact that I recommended it! (what do us girls know anyway ;-) ) Well - we got right on line and ordered up tons of stuff - and now we can't tell you what is our favorite product - we just love them all! I had the pleasure of meeting Adam this year (2004) in Carlisle - and let me tell you - this guy is just as great as his product! He takes time with all his customers and makes them feel important and special - he takes time and care to explain his products (which is funny to be because I think they sell themselves) - My husband & I just came back from a car show in South Jersey, he showed his Z06 and I showed my Anniversary..... and most of the comments we received were - "What products do you use on your cars? They look better than new" We would kust point to Mike's (that's my husband)trunk and there was a box full of......yup, you guess it - Adam's products. Lot's of people wrote down the URL for ordering..... they won't be disappointed! Thanks Adam for all these great products - and thanks for taking the time and talking with me in Carlisle - it was a real pleasure......(say Hi to all the guys for me - they we so nice too!) Mary