Posted by: T. Jackson

Adam, I recently purchased your Essentials Detail kit and love it. I first saw it at a car show my local club (Southern Mustang and Ford) hosted a few months back and was amazed at the results it had with other cars there. I used the Detail Spray that day and I won third in the host class. I drive a 2002 Crown Victoria LX Sport and when going up against Cobras, Mach 1’s, Bullits, and SVT Lightning’s, I thought I had no chance. It was great. The next day I used the clay bar, Scratch Out, Revive and finished it up with the Butter Wax. I used the VRT on the tires, interior and exterior trim. I used the In and Out spray on the engine bay and it made it just pop! Being “satisfied with the results” must be the understatement of the year! The attached picture was taken just hours after I finished with the Butter Wax at a club sponsored photo shoot at Boone Hall Plantation in Charleston, SC. People were amazed. It looks better than when it was brand new. My father liked it so much he let me detail his 2003 Harley Davidson 100th Anniversary Fat Boy and years of neglect and “swirlies” from abrasive wash towels disappeared. It may not be a $3,000,000 dollar custom hot rod or a magnificently restored vintage roadster, but she’s mine and I love her to death. I liked it so much I advertise for you on my cardomain page! Feel free to use the picture and testimonial how ever you chose. Just let me know so I can brag to my friends SSgt Thomas E. Jackson Jr. Activated Reservist 315 AMXS Barracuda AMU Cuda 7