Posted by: Dave H.

Coming from over 7 years of dedicated Zaino Bros. use, I was skeptical even thinking about trying a new paint care system for my cars. However Zaino availability left me wanting something more accessible. Having been exposed to the Adam's Polishes detailing spray had left a very big impression on me though; and I decided to give some of his other car care products a try. I contacted Adam personally and was delighted with the friendly & outgoing service I got from he & his staff. I quickly placed the order for one of his "loaded" detailing kits and I got to work on my paint about 3 days later. My initial results were encouraging to say the least. I spent 4 hours applying almost the entire Adam's Polishes product line to my Z06. I was accustomed to spending a whole weekend doing it with products that needed extended cure times. While the quick & easy use was important to me, it was the shine & depth that really got me excited. The paint never looked deeper or as wet. The factory black paint on my Z06, while impressive before, looked like liquid now. I have been continually impressed with the quality of both the products & service I have received with Adam's Polishes. I am pleased to have found a product line that satisfies me in all aspects of car care. Aloha, David H.