Posted by: Dr. Felix J Bradbury

Dear Adam and Heather, As a doctor and a Diplomate of the American College of Healthcare Executives, I know the importance of quality, customer service, and customer satisfaction. I rarely write letters of appreciation because so few products really meet, let alone exceed, my expectations. However, I am writing to you because your products have far exceeded my expectations and are truly superlative. Here's my story: I love sports cars but I especially love raw American Muscle and American sports cars. I own a black 2003 Thunder Racing C5 Z06 (named "THOR") with a 650 horsepower, hand built, 427 cid (7.0 liter) motor, Alcon brakes, DRM suspension, Ron Davis radiator, Vette Essentials red/black custom interior, Kooks 1-7/8" headers, Borla exhaust, Alpine stereo, 3.9 Rockland gears, MCM CF hood etc...This is a truly loaded Vette and has won nine awards at car shows throughout the southeast. It is my baby and a very serious show car competitor as well as a very serious street predator. My license tag says "VIPER EATER" which should give you a sense of the capabilities of this car. You will find photos of my black Z06 on both the Meguiars and Zaino's websites as both organizations liked my car very much. However, I no longer use Zaino or Meguiars. I ONLY USE Adams. PERIOD. I am always looking for the best, the ultimate in car care, and so as a “Z06 Pilot” member of the forum, when I heard about Adam’s car care products I decided to give them a try. And with a 110% guarantee, I couldn’t loose. I have been hand-detailing my own vehicles for nearly a decade. I enjoy the process and the attention to detail that is required and find it to be quite relaxing after a long week at the office. Besides, I love cars. I love awesome cars. Over the years, I have tried all of the top products - and a few wannabe’s - on the market including Zymol, Griot's Garage, Mother’s, Meguiars, and most recently Zaino. All of these products are good, some are excellent at some areas of car care but not as good in others. Adam's car care products are ABSOLUTELY SUPERLATIVE at ALL ASPECTS OF CAR CARE. From his ButterWax, to his VRT, to his leather care - it’s ALL ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. I DO NOT USE ANYTHING ELSE EXCEPT ADAMS. Since I am a scientist by training, I decided to perform a very simple test. I took the black hood from my original C5 Corvette and washed and clayed the entire hood and then put a piece of masking tape down the center. I then applied a single coat of Zaino Z5/Z6/Z2 to the left-hand side, and Adam's car care products - swirl remover, polish and Butter Wax, to the right hand side. Guess which side was obviously superior? ADAMS!!! I could not believe the difference and am absolutely sold on Adam's products. Oh, and Adam’s leather care is fantastic. My Vette’s custom Italian leather interior looks and feels and smells brand new. I use the leather care on all interior vinyl, plastic, and leather surfaces since it contains SPF 65 and will provide great protection against UV breakdown. In terms of customer service, Adam's staff are simply amazing. I have talked to Heather on several occasions and she has spent several hours of time with me on the phone explaining Adam's products and some of the finer points of automotive detailing. I am attaching some instructions that I put together – with Heather’ assistance and ten years of my own experience - for the Corvette Owner's Club of Houston (COCH) and which have helped me to detail my car as efficiently and as effectively as possible. I am also attaching several noteworthy photos of "THOR", my Z06. It’s an amazing vehicle and I am absolutely delighted that Adams' products are available to keep it looking flawless for years to come. Kind Regards, Felix J. Bradbury, RN, ScD, CHE