Adam's Polishes Detailing Video Vol. 8 - Chapter 01 Intro & Tour

With the serious enthusiast in mind, we have created the most effective, easiest to use car care products available today! Adam’s Premium Car Care Collection, Proudly Made in America, will help you revitalize a neglected finish or keep your prized vehicle in mint condition.

Each and every one of our products is formulated, tested and proven to be safe for all finishes while delivering results that are beyond your expectations! Whether your goal is to remove swirls and haze, add protection, or give your car a shine that literally turns heads, Adam’s has the products to help you rediscover your vehicle’s showroom shine.

Our Service Shines, Too!

In addition to exceptional products, we are proud to offer something no competitor can match - the very best, most attentive customer service. Have a question about an Adam’s product? Give us a call, e-mail, start a live chat on our website or post on our interactive discussion forum at and we’ll help you almost instantaneously.

110% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Adam’s Premium Car Care offers a 110% Satisfaction Guarantee on all our products. If we fail to meet or exceed your expectations, just return the unused portion of your purchase and we’ll refund you 110%, no questions asked. We’re proud to say that in over a decade of business, hundreds of car shows and many thousands of orders, we’ve had almost no requests for a refund because our products really are that effective!

Thank you for choosing Adam’s, your business is truly appreciated!


Adam Pitale

Adam Pitale
Founder, President