Frequently Asked Questions

At Adam's we receive literally hundreds of questions a day about the process of detailing, how to solve specific problems, or how to use specific products. We distill these questions down to our most Frequently Asked Questions and share the answers here. If you have a question not covered here or need more information please send an email to

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"How do I clean my applicators and pads when I'm done detailing?"

Cleaning Foam Pads and Applicators:

Spray Adam’s Foam Polishing Pad liberally with Adam’s All Purpose Cleaner then gently scrub surface with your fingers to loosen polish and wax residue. Once most residues are broken up rinse with clean water until water runs clear.

Gently squeeze out excess water and allow to air dry in a place with plenty of airflow out of direct sunlight. Keep foam pads and applicators stored in a clean, dry place away from dirt, debris and extreme heat for future use. Never store foam pads or accessories in sealed plastic bags or containers. 

Cleaning Microfiber Polishing Pads:

First break up dried polish residues with Adam's Pad Conditioning Brush (Spray heavily contaminated pads with Adam’s Microfiber Revitalizer & Brightener to pretreat) Microfiber pads can be machine washed on a delicate setting, use only liquid laundry detergents and wash separately from all other towels or materials. Never mix your microfiber pads with towels or other materials in the same load. 

Allow the pads to air dry, or machine dry on low heat setting, never use fabric softener. Once cleaned store your pads in a clean, dry place away from dirt, debris and extreme heat for future use

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"How do I clean my microfiber towels?"

All Adam's Microfiber Towels including the waffle weave drying towels, glass towels, and plush towels are machine washable. If towels are heavily contaminated or stained pre-treat them with Adam’s Microfiber Revitalizer & Brightener. Separate heavily soiled towels and wash separately to prevent cross contamination. Microfiber should always be washed separate from other materials like cotton, so wash only your microfiber towels together. 

Use a delicate wash setting and warm to cool water only with liquid laundry detergents, never granulated. If your washing machine is equipped with an extra rinse cycle it is recommended you use it for your microfiber wash loads. 

Towels can be air dried or machine dried. If machine drying be sure to keep the towels separate from other materials and never use fabric softener. Use a low heat or air fluff setting. 

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"How do I remove swirl marks by hand?"

Unfortunately, removing swirl marks by hand isn't really possible. The speed and consistency of a machine is required to get the job done. A machine polisher is capable of oscillating thousands of times per minute where you may be able to manage 20 to 30 oscillations per minute by hand. This differential in speed means that there really isn't a way for you to completely remove imperfections by hand in any reasonable timeframe. 

A fair amount of improvement can be hand by using a hand polish, but achieving perfection and removing swirl marks isn't something that can be reasonably accomplished without a machine. 

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"How do I remove water spots from my car?"

Water spots can vary from minor to extreme, in some cases being so severe they etch the cars finish, this makes prevention important. If you've already fallen victim to the dreaded water spot there is still hope!

On paint or delicate finishes:

Always start with the least aggressive approach first. Try simply washing the car or using a few squirts of Adam's Waterless Wash and trying to gently wipe the spots away. If they are very light this might be all thats needed. White vinegar is also very effective at removing water spots, spray onto the spots and wipe away with a microfiber towel. This process can be 'smelly' but it is effective against moderate spots. 

If the spots remain, try using an Adam's Detailing Clay bar. Claying will remedy most common water spots from your paint and delicate surfaces and because its non-abrasive won't leave any damage behind. 

After claying if the spots are still there move on to polishing. The use of the same products (like Adam's Paint Correcting Polish) used for swirl and scratch removal will also do an excellent job of removing stubborn water spots. The use of a machine and polishing pads may be needed for more severe water spots. 

On windows, mirrors, and glass:

Spots on glass can often times be even more stubborn than the ones on paint, but the good news is you can take a more aggressive approach as glass is a harder, more durable surface. 

Start with the basics and wipe the area down with white vinegar to break up the minerals and contamination of the water spots. If vinegar fails proceed to using and Adam's Detailing Clay bar to remove the spots. 

If the spots remain after claying try using Adam's Paint Correcting Polish to polish the glass. The abrasive particles of the polishing compound will abrade away heavier water spots without harming the glass. 

As a last resort you can use 0000 steel wool. Its imperative that only 0000 steel wool be used. Spray the glass liberally with Adam's Glass Cleaner and with moderate pressure scrub the spotted area with the 0000 steel wool. 

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"Whats the best wax for black paint?"

In the market today there is a fair amount of marketing centered around color specific waxes. The fact is that any product claiming to be designed for one color or another is full of oily, tinted, fillers. These fillers only give you a short term fix to imperfections on your finish and are a mess to work with. At Adam's we believe that a quality wax should work for ANY color and shouldn't rely on temporary fillers and tinted oils to give the illusion of a better shine. All of Adam's Premium waxes, sealants, and glazes are designed to work on any color paint and provide stunning results. 

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"Is the entire Adam's Polishes line Made in the USA?"

At Adam's Premium Car Care we are very proud of our commitment to supporting American manufacturing. As a small American company we feel its absolutely imperative that we support other businesses like ours in any way we can. Every chemical, including the bottles, caps and sprayers are Made in the USA. 

We also source over 90% of our accessories from manufactures in the US. In order to offer a complete line of products to our customers though, some exceptions have to be made. In the rare cases where we do look outside the US we work only with countries that enjoy similar freedoms and quality of life as we do here in the states, an example being the Flex 3401 polisher, which is made in Germany. 

This commitment means we will not sell products made in China or countries where exploitive, inhumane, and unregulated labor practices exist. It is our sincerest promise to our customers that we will source products from the US whenever possible.

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